Product Overview

The U2 Matrix Porous Stem and U2 Matrix HA stem are designed for enhanced stability through a tri-wedge geometry design and advanced proximal coatings. These stems are also designed to reduce stress shielding via a polished distal shaft and Matrix size distribution.

Matrix size distribution

Addresses both proximal and distal canal “fit-and-fill” in order to achieve optimal load transfer and excellent initial stability in a variety of femoral canal shapes.

Examples of Matrix size distribution

Proximal size 3 is available in 10, 11, and 12 mm distal diameter options.
11 mm distal diameter is available in #2, #3, and #4 proximal size options.

Product Features

Slide Tri-Wedge design provides axial and rotational stability and helps achieve normal proximal load transfer. Sintered titanium bead, porous coating designed for biological fixation. The tear drop distal tip is designed to help insertion and to prevent cortical impingement. Available with Matrix size distribution. Titanium Plasma Spray with hydroxyapatite coating designed for biological fixation. The distal polish design is intended to prevent proximal stress shielding.

U2 Cemented Stem

The U2 Cemented stem offers a backup solution for the U2 Matrix Porous Stem or U2 Matrix HA Stem when unexpected bone quality is identified.

It shares the same instruments with U2 Matrix stems and preserves the appropriate cement thickness around the stem to help ensure optimal canal fit.

Slide PMMA spacer maintains the appropriate cement mantle on each side of the stem. Shark fin design transfers hoop stress to compression stress. Size distribution
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