Product Overview

The UCP (United Cemented Polished) stem can be used in both primary and revision hip arthroplasty.

The polished surface is designed to allow for minimal friction at the stem-cement interface and reduce the potential for cement failure. The UCP stem is made from forged Cobalt Chrome (CoCr) for increased mechanical strength.

Product Features

Slide Adjustment markers assist the surgeon in adjusting insertion depth of the stem to help achieve optimal leg length. Standard and High Offsets
Designed to allow optimization of soft tissue tensioning and joint stability.
Tri-tapered geometry is designed for optimal cement fixation and increased torsional stability. The polished surface design helps minimize friction at the stem-cement interface.

Long Stem for Revision

In addition to the standard stem (125 mm) length for primary cases, long stem options in 180 mm, 210 mm, and 230 mm lengths are available for revision cases.

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