Product Overview

The USTAR II System is designed for extensive reconstruction of the hip and knee joint. Components have been designed based on 20 years experience with the previous USTAR system.

The modularity of the USTAR II System is designed to allow flexibility to address a variety of difficult surgical situations.

Minimal Bone Resection

  • Minimal replaced implants lengths for proximal femoral, distal femoral, and proximal tibial replacements.
  • Resection of non affected femoral condyles are compatible with primary and revision femoral components.
  • Narrow femoral box enables minimal bone resection which reduces the risk of femoral condylar fracture.

Product Features

Slide Secured Junction
The set screws doubled pull out strength of the trunnion and serve as a secondary fixation.
Multiple Stem Options
  • Non-coated Cemented
  • Cemented
  • Cementless
Comprehensive Segment Options
21 segment length options with suture/wire holes distributed adjacent to the components.
Tissue Friendly Components
The distribution of the wire holes and the extensive coating area creates additional possibilities for the soft tissues better attached to the implant.
Proximal Femoral
Distal Femoral
Proximal Tibial
Total Femoral


USTAR II Brochure
USTAR II Surgical Technique Guide
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